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  swing v. 转向to move quickly in a smooth curve, or to make something move like this;摇晃to move backwards and forwards

  A rope is swinging in the wind.一根绳子在风中摇晃。

  She swung the car to avoid the child. 突然调转汽车来躲避那个孩子。

  习语: not enough room swing a cat没多少空间,很窄小

  记忆点拨: s—wing(翅膀)

  speedboat n. 快艇

  He promised to take us for a ride in the new speedboat his father bought.他答应带我们坐着他父亲新买的快艇去兜风。

  记忆点拨: speed(快速)—boat(小船,小艇)

  desperately adv. 绝望地;拼命地,急切地

  He cried desperately for someone to help him.他绝望地大声喊叫想找人来救他。

  Rain is desperately needed for rice planting.大米种植急需雨水。

  They desperately wanted to win the championship.他们急切地想获得冠军。

  相关表达: desperate adj.绝望的willing to do anything to change a very bad situation, and not caring about danger

  desperation n.绝望

  记忆辨析: de(去掉)—sper(希望)—ate(形容词后缀)—ly(副词后缀)

  companion n. 同伙,伙伴someone you spend a lot of time with especially someone you are travelling with or a friend

  The dog is his only companion during the journey.狗是他旅途中唯一的伙伴

  His wife is his most faithful companion in his life.他的妻子是他一生中最忠实的伴侣。

  相关表达: company n.陪伴

  accompany v.陪伴

  记忆点拨: 来自company

  water ski (由快艇牵引水橇)滑水

  buoy n. 浮标

  相关表达: buoyant adj.有浮力的able to float or keep things floating,轻快的cheerful and confident

  a buoyant balloon一个漂浮起来的气球

  buoyant spirits高涨的情绪

  buoyant mood轻松的心情

  Cork is a very buoyant material. 软木是很容易浮起的材料。

  记忆点拨: b—(u)—oy

  dismay n. 沮丧

  The thought of having the test filled him with dismay.一想到考试就让他很沮丧。

  The patient read the result of his medical examination with dismay.病人沮丧地看着他的体检报告。

  They looked at each other in dismay.他们失望地看着对方。

  相关表达: depression n.沮丧

  dismayful adj.令人丧胆的, 令人惊愕的

  词义辨析: dismay appall horrify都含“使沮丧”、“使灰心”、“使惊吓”的意思。

  Dismay(to make someone feel worried, disappointed, and upset)指“面临突然地令人惊吓、困惑或烦恼的事时, 表现畏惧、缺乏勇气或手足无措”, 如:

  He was dismayed at his lack of understanding.


  Horrify(to make someone feel very shocked and upset or afraid)指“使恐怖”、“使惊骇”, 如:

  She felt horrified at the sight.

  见这情景, 她感到恐怖。

  记忆点拨: 分割:dis(不)—may(可以)(不可以)

  tremendous adj. 巨大的

  The ship was going at tremendous speed. 轮船飞速行驶。

  He was paid a tremendous amount of money just for an appearance. 人家给了他一大笔钱就为了让他露一面。

  词义辨析: huge,enormous,immense,gigantic,colossal,tremendous都含“巨大的”意思。

  Huge(extremely large in size, amount, or degree)系常用词, 用于具体事物或人时, 指“体积或数量大得超过一般情况”;用于抽象事物时, 作“巨大的”、“无限的”解,如:

  an huge elephant大象

  enormous (very big in size or in amount)指“体积、数量或程度超过正常大小”,如:

  an enormous nose 大鼻子

  指“体积、数量、程度等都极大, 一般衡量标准难以度量”,如:

  an immense body of water一片汪洋

  gigantic(extremely big)指“巨大的”、“庞大的”, 常用于借喻中, 含有一定的夸张之意, 如:

  He has a gigantic appetite and eats gigantic meal.他饭量特别大,吃得惊人的多。

  colossal (used to emphasize that something is extremely large)指大小、尺寸、数量、范围巨大的,如:

  a colossal Five-Year Plan宏伟的五年计划

  tremendous(very big, fast, powerful etc)普通用语,指“大得异常惊人或大而有力的”,可表示夸张或称赞,如:

  a tremendous explosion巨大的爆炸

  记忆点拨: trem(颤抖)—end(结尾)--ous(形容词)(大的让人发抖)

  petrol n. 汽油

  Petrol prices have increased by 10% over the past weeks.在过去的几周内汽油价格增长了10%。

  相关表达: 柴油 diesel oil

  drift v. to move slowly on water or in the air漂动,漂流

  The raft soon drifted into sea. 木筏很快就漂入海里了。

  The river is polluted seriously and you can see rubbish drifting on the surface.这条河污染很严重,你可以看到垃圾漂在水面上。

  gently adv. in a gentle way缓慢地,轻轻地

  The dream machine gently awakens you with dim lights and soft music.

  He gently opened the door and slipped into the room.他轻轻地推开门,溜了进去。

  The elderly are suggested exercising gently to avoid sudden diseases. 建议老人们慢慢做运动以避免突发疾病。

  相关表达: gentle adj.轻柔的not strong, loud, forceful, or extreme

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