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详细讲解新概念第二册第四单元单词。是张艳老师所写的《新概念词汇进阶》的一部分。LIST 77
mummy      n. 木乃伊;妈妈
An ancient Egyptian mummy is on exhibition in the museum.一具古埃及木乃伊正在博物馆展览。

Egyptian      adj. 埃及的
相关表达: Egypt n.埃及

temple       n. 庙
After the great Pyramids and the large Sphinx (狮身人面像), the temple of Abu Simbel presents the most familiar image of ancient Egypt to the modern traveller. 阿布辛波古庙:尼罗河畔悠远历史和现代文明的见证。

mark   n. a small area on the surface of something which is damaged, dirty or different in some way 斑点;分数;v. 标记
Her finger left marks on the screen of television.她的手在我的电视的屏幕上留下了印子。
I cannot get these dirty marks off my trousers. 我弄不下去裤子上的脏点。
There are several red marks on his arm which he burnt with cigarettes.他的胳膊上有几个用香烟烧的红点。
He passed the exam with the highest mark. 他以最高分的成绩通过了考试。
Make sure you mark the key points in class. 确定要在课上把重点标出来。
相关表达:    sign n.标志,标记

plate       n. (照相)底片;盘子    

disease      n. 疾病
      SARS is a contagious disease. 非典是一种传染性疾病。
Many villagers suffered a rare disease. 很多村民都得了种怪病。
Filthy living conditions easily cause diseases.脏乱的生活状况容易引发疾病。
词义辨析:     illness,disease
illness(a disease of the body or mind, or the condition of being ill)指病的状态,时间的长短,或指身体不好。
She died after a long illness. 她在久病之后去世了。
He suffers from a serious illness.他病得很厉害。
Disease(an illness which affects a person, animal, or plant)一般指有医学名称,与身体的部分有关的疾病,如果是传染性疾病的话会被携带或传染。
a kidney/sexually-transmitted disease/infectious disease肾病,性传播疾病,传染性的疾病
mental illness 精神疾病
terminal illness晚期疾病

last       v. 持续
      The bombing last two hours.轰炸持续了两个小时。
I know their enthusiasm will not last very long.我知道他们的热情不会持续很久的。

prove   v. 显示出if someone or something proves difficult, helpful etc, you find out that this is what they are like;证实to show that something is true by providing facts, information etc
The new evidence proves him to be guilty.新证据证明他是有罪的。
The new treatment has proved to be very successful.新的治疗方式证实非常成功。
It is difficult to prove whether space life exists or not.要想证实外星人是否存在非常困难。
The article has proved most useful.这篇文章证明非常有用。
相关表达: proof n.证明
               approve v.批准,同意

resin     n. 树脂
    The transparent shoulder straps are made of resin. 透明的肩带是树脂做的。

skin     n. 皮肤;v. 剥皮
    Her skin is as soft as babies’. 她的皮肤像婴儿的皮肤一样柔软。
实际应用:  皮肤黑dark skin
香蕉/土豆皮a banana/potato skin

section          n. 切片a very thin flat piece that is cut from skin, a plant etc to be looked at under a microscope;部分
 The doctor examined the section cut from the dead body under the microscope. 医生在显微镜下仔细检查从尸体上切下来的切片。
The test consists of four sections.考试由四部分组成。
The back section of the plane caught fire.飞机的尾部着火了。
记忆点拨: sect(切)—ion (名词后缀)

figure   n.(女人的)体形;人像;人影
      The lady has a great figure. 那女人身材很棒。
You’d better exercise more to keep your figure.你最好多运动一下来保持体形。
She screamed when she saw a dark figure in her bedroom.当她看到卧室的房间里有个黑影时尖叫了起来。
实际应用:     半身像a half-length figure
There are several dashing figures in the painting.那幅画里画了几个雄纠纠的人。

normally   adv. 通常地usually, or under normal conditions;正常地
Normally his bad mood last one or two days.通常他的坏心情会持续一到俩天。
The traffic is normally lighter in the morning. 通常在早上路上的车会少些。
The baby’s heart finally began to beat normally.婴儿的心脏最终开始正常地跳动了。
相关表达:     normal adj.正常的,一般的
记忆点拨:    norm(规范,规则)—al(形容词后缀)—ly(副词后缀)(符合规范的)

survive   v. to continue to live after an accident, war, or illness:幸免于,存活;活得比……长
      None of the passengers survived the air crash.没有乘客在空难中幸存。
I wonder how they can survive on such poor income.我很想知道他们靠那么可怜的收入是怎么活下来的。
He survived all his children.他比他所有孩子活的都长。
相关表达:    survival n. 幸存
survivor n. 幸存者
victim n.死难者,受害者
记忆点拨:    sur(下,超过)—vive(生命)(活下来)(活的超过)


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