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record-holder    纪录保持者

An Australian world record holder said that he would swim the 400-metre freestyle at the Athens Olympics this summer. 以为澳大利亚的记录保持者说他将会在今年夏天的雅典奥运会中参加400自由泳的项目。


truant                 n. 逃学的孩子

Children who play truant always haunt the netbar.那些逃学的孩子经常到这家网吧来玩。

He was punished by his father for playing truant. 他因逃学被父亲惩罚。

词组拓展:     play truant逃学

play hooky逃学

记忆点拨:       分割:tru—ant(联想true ant


unimaginative   adj. 缺乏想象力的

相关表达:     imaginative adj.想象的, 虚构的

               imaginary adj.假想的, 想象的, 虚构的


imagine                  v.想象

She always sits there and imagines her driving her favourite car to travle around the world.她总是做在那里想象着自己开着最心爱的车环游世界。

Imagine that you are swimming in the sea and suddenly you see a shark, what will you do? 想象一下你现在在海里游泳,突然间你看见一条鲨鱼,你会怎么做?

相关表达:     imagination n. 想象力

The love story of a soldier and nurse captured the imagination of the public.士兵与护士的爱情故事引起了大家的想象力。

Her daughter has a vivid imagination.她女儿有非常丰富的想象力。

No one is talking in the kitchen. It’s just your imagination.没有人在厨房说话,都是你的想象。


imaginable       adj. 可以想象的,想象得出的

We offer any color of paints imaginable. 我们可以提供任何一种可以想象得出颜色的颜料。

相关表达:     imaginarynot real, but produced from pictures or ideas in your mind adj.想象的,虚构的

Superman and spiderman are all imaginary. 超人还有蜘蛛侠全都是虚构的。

                           Imaginativecontaining new and interesting ideas adj. 想象力丰富的

                            Nearly every piece here is deft, intelligent and imaginative.几乎这里的没一件    作品都是灵巧,充满智慧而又想象力丰富的。

                        an imaginative designer/artist想象力丰富的设计师、画家


shame            n. the feeling you have when you feel guilty and embarrassed because you, or someone who is close to you, have done something wrong惭愧,羞耻

He felt great shame and said he was very sorry for lying to me.他感到非常愧疚,并为说谎的事表示非常抱歉。

The thieves caught by the police hung/bowed their heads in shame.那些被警察抓住的小偷羞愧地低下了头。

Her singing put mine to shame.你的歌声让我的黯然失色。

词组拓展:       bring sb. to shame使人脸红; 侮辱

put to shame使丢脸, 使脸红, 使相形见绌

What a shame!真糟糕! 真可惜! 真不象话!

相关表达:       shameless adj. 无耻的

ashamed adj.感到可耻的

shameful adj.可耻的


hitchhike        v. 搭便车旅行

相关表达:     hitchhiker n.搭便车旅行的人

                        I hitchhiked to Paris at the age of 18.我在十八岁的时候搭车旅行到了巴黎。


meantime       n. 其间

Jimmy is having a driving test. In the meantime, I am having coffee at Star Buck.JIMMY正在考试,与此同时,我在星巴克喝咖啡。

First boil some water. In the meantime, chop the meat into cubes.先烧些开水,同时,把肉切成小方块。

The result of the test will be anounce in ten mintues. In the meantime, you can read some magazines in the waitiing room.测试的结果十分钟之后宣布,在此其间,你们可以在等候室看些杂志。

词组拓展:     in the meantime在这期间, 这时

相关表达:     meanwhile n.其间, 其时adv.其间

记忆点拨:       mean(中间)—time(时间)


lorry               n. 卡车

                        The quilts are transported here by a lorry.这些杯子是用卡车运来的。

相关表达:       truck n. 卡车(美语)


border             n. 边界;v. ……相邻

The train exploded in the border of China and Korea.火车在中国和朝鲜的边界爆炸了。

A soldier was shot dead while trying to cross the border.一个士兵在试图跨越边界时被打死了。

The train crosses the border between France and Spain.

China borders India.中国与印度相邻。

词组拓展:     on the border of...的边界上;将要;接近于

on the borders在边界上, 接近交界处

over the border越过国境

词义辨析:     boundary border bounds frontier


boundary the real or imaginary line that marks the edge of a state, country etc, or the edge of an area of land that belongs to someoneCOLLOCATIONS 指边界线, 主要指领土的边界, :

boundaries of a country国界

border the official line that separates two countries, states, or areas, or the area close to this line边界”, 常指边境”, 即沿两国边界的地区, :

He waited for her at the border.


Boundsthe limits of what is possible or acceptable具体的界线”, 常用复数形式, 主要用于诗文中, :

You must keep your hopes within reasonable bounds.


frontier the border of a country就一国讲的边界:

Sweden has frontiers with Norway and Finland.



evade              v. 逃避

evade taxation/school/responsiblities逃税、逃学、逃避责任

She was arrested for evading paying tax. 她因讨税而被逮捕。

He evaded her question by kissing her.他亲吻她来躲避她的问题。

词组拓展:     evade one's duties逃避职责

                           evade income taxes偷漏所得税

相关表达:     evader n.躲避者, 规避者

词义辨析:     escape (to get away from a place or dangerous situation when someone is trying to catch you or stop you)脱离或避开即将来临或近在眼前的伤害、危险、灾祸等事物常作借喻用, :

escape death


avoid (to prevent something bad from happenin)强调有意识地躲避不愉快的或可能发生危险的事物或情况”, :

I cannot avoid meeting her.


evade( to not do or deal with something that you should do)强调用心机或狡猾的手段逃避或回避对自己不利的东西”, :

evade one's duty


flee(to leave somewhere very quickly, in order to escape from danger)逃跑的动作

She fled from the house into the night.


记忆点拨:     e(向外)—vade(走)(走出去-逃避)


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